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Funded through the Mental Health Services Act, the Full Service Partnership (FSP) gives the Clinic additional flexibility to provide a more comprehensive array of intensive, coordinated services for underserved, high-risk children exhibiting severe behavioral problems. Therapists, parent partners, case managers, and psychiatrists offer parents and caregivers therapy, skill-building rehabilitation, case management, medication services, and substance abuse treatment services in locations that work best for each family. FSP funds nontraditional support services, such as funds to help a family pay for costs associated with supporting their child's mental health and pro-social behavior. Active family involvement is required as the primary agent of change. Services are planned by the family and child based on unique needs. Parent Partners are particularly needed to help engage families as well as assist them in "navigating" through systems of community resources.

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Designed for families with a child who has been in (or is at risk of) high-level residential placement, this nationally recognized model of service delivery and DCFS initiative is driven by family-designated teams that include professional staff, family members, and other community members. Flexible DCFS funding allows teams to plan services to do "whatever it takes" to assist the family in keeping a child in the community. Individualized blends of interventions can include mental health and other supportive services and activities that support optimal functioning for the youth involved. Parent Partners play a vital role as a primary support for parents and caregivers in building on their family strengths.