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Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic Strategic Plan 2018-2020

January, 2018

It is with great pleasure that the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic (LACGC) presents its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2018 – 2020. The Strategic Plan builds on the agency’s distinguished 93-year history of providing behavioral health services to children and families in Los Angeles. With this Plan, we are excited to expand on this legacy and further establish the agency as an invaluable community resource and partner throughout Los Angeles.

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LACGC’s Statement on 13 Reasons Why

May 23, 2017

A new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, has become very popular with our youth. It portrays the series of events and thoughts behind a teenage girl’s suicide. The show depicts bullying, substance abuse, sexual assault, and ultimately her death. Please carefully consider whether or not to let your child watch this series because the idea of suicide can be contagious with youth who are already depressed and disenfranchised. For help and information, please contact us at LACGC, or see these Talking Guides:

Please remember – if you or someone you care about is in crisis, please reach out and know there is help and that suicide is 100% preventable.


Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic's 90th Anniversary festivities culminated last night with a celebration honoring three local leaders for their contributions to community well-being and mental health.

90th Anniversary
Left to Right: USC's Steven R. Lopez Ph.D., Clinic Board Chairperson Wayne Moore, Clinic President/CEO Betsy Pfromm, LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, and Dr. Marv Southard, Director LA County Dept. Mental Health

The Clinic also announced the naming of the "Avis & Mark Ridley-Thomas Life Learning Program" for transition aged youth.

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas received the Clinic's 90th Anniversary Special Award in recognition of his long term, extraordinary leadership, according to Clinic President and CEO Elizabeth W. Pfromm, M.S., MPA. Ridley-Thomas has taken leadership roles at the state and local level to advance mental health access, most recently spearheading a County diversion initiative for incarcerated inmates with mental illness and championing primary care clinics with integrated mental health care onsite at public schools. "We feel blessed to share this partnership with the Supervisor, and we could not celebrate the Clinic's accomplishments without honoring his contribution," said Ms. Pfromm.

The Clinic also announced the renaming of its transition aged youth program in honor of Supervisor Ridley-Thomas and his wife. "Avis Ridley-Thomas has a special place in our hearts here at the Clinic," said Ms. Pfromm. "She is devoted to giving community members the tools to take a stand against violence and to be empowered to demand non-violent resolutions to weighty issues."

For her work advancing the social and emotional well-being of children and youth in foster care, State Senator Holly Mitchell was honored with the Quinton James Award for Making a Difference. She has taken a leadership role on their behalf in the state capitol, successfully authoring legislation and advancing budget measures designed to improve their access to mental health services and safeguard their special health needs. "Through her vision and tenacious leadership Senator Mitchell has made a positive difference in the lives of many of our communities' most marginalized members," said Ms. Pfromm.

USC's Dr. Steven R. Lopez received the Evis Coda Award for Building Hope for Families for his longtime leadership in advancing cultural competency in mental health service provision, especially as it pertains to Latinos. US Surgeon General David Satcher's seminal "Report on Mental Health: Culture, Race and Ethnicity," deeply influenced how the Clinic and other innovators in service design culturally competent programs, and Dr. Lopez served as one of a handful of science editors on the report and authored its section on the Latino community. "Dr. Lopez continues to advance the cause of culturally competent and innovative models through his work at USC's Culture and Mental Health Lab," said Ms. Pfromm. "As longtime neighbors of USC, we are delighted to honor a local hero who is transforming care delivery at a national level."

The event was held at The California African American Museum in Exposition Park.

Read the full press release here!


Seeking Safety
Coping Skills for Boys and Young Men of Color

To teens growing up with high exposure to trauma in their community and often at home, finding a sense of safety can seem elusive or even impossible. For many, their ways of coping may turn negative—toward depression, violence, substance abuse, self-mutilation, eating disorders, or poor school performance.

Seeking Safety, an evidence-based practice offered at the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic, is helping Los Angeles teens identify the triggers that spark risky behaviors and substitute those with positive coping strategies.

Seeking Safety was originally designed to treat adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse. Its concepts have been tested in multiple age groups. “The program’s emphasis on coping skills and how to self-regulate makes Seeking Safety a perfect fit for our work with adolescents,” notes Richard Saneda, Ph.D., Clinic Supervisor of the Seeking Safety team.

The team, comprised of Bachelor-level professionals, has been doing outreach at local high schools and community fairs, building awareness among school officials, counselors, and teachers, as well as students and parents. The team works with its teen clients at schools, in the community, in their homes, or at Clinic offices.

“Many of the kids in our community are exposed to trauma, often on a daily basis,” notes Margaret Grammatico, LMFT, Clinical Therapist and a Seeking Safety supervisor. “With the Seeking Safety program, we can bring them tools to help ensure that the stress they may feel doesn’t progress to something else.”

One priority is connecting with one of the most difficult-to-reach populations: boys and young men of color. To make that connection easier, the team reflects client demography: young, Latino, African American, and male.

“We intentionally created this team to help build rapport with young men who may otherwise have difficulty trusting and receiving the help they need,” said Betsy Pfromm, M.S., MPH, Clinic President/CEO. “The bonus is our staff serves as positive role models for youth in our service area.”

Cesar Porcayo-Morales joined the Clinic in 2012. As a senior team member, he is stationed at Manual Arts High School and its Wellness Center each week, where he collaborates with the school psychiatric social worker to identify teens who may benefit from the program.

This in-the-moment, on-the ground availability—versus making a referral—is especially effective.

Seeking Safety’s tenets focuses on the “here and now,” finding positive ways to handle stress or negative feelings. The team members explore each teen’s interests, whether that means music, sports, writing, or other ways to handle stress.

They also help students pinpoint what may spark their anxiety or high-risk behaviors and ask them to sign contracts and develop plans of action. “Just knowing we’re here to support them can bring an added confidence,” says Porcayo-Morales.

Seeking Safety is funded by the L.A. County Department of Mental Health with resources from the Mental Health Services Act.

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We are pleased to share the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic's Access & Wellness Center has received an award from the Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities at their 21st Annual Access Award Luncheon!

October 12, 2012
County Disabilities Commission Honors Clinic's Access & Wellness Center

Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities honors Access & Wellness Center's work at its 21st Annual Access Award Luncheon!

The event recognizes "Those Who Have Made a Difference in the Lives of People with Disabilities," with a theme of "Disabled Does Not Mean Unable."

We are deeply proud of the stellar work of our Access & Wellness Center team, which indeed makes a tremendous difference in the lives of each family who walks through the Center's doors. Stigma, discrimination and cultural barriers often impede access to behavioral health services. Our Access & Wellness Center, located at our flagship location at 3787 S. Vermont Avenue, bridges such barriers through culturally competent, no-fee, no-appointment mental health screenings. Our therapists work together with family advocates to assure families' immediate needs are met and services are initiated, including crisis intervention and linkages to community resources.

Our Access & Wellness Center model is highly responsive to family needs, offering child care to facilitate access, and is open from 8:00 a.m. to noon five days a week. In the last year, almost 1,200 children, family members, and caregivers received immediate assistance through the program.

The Center's team includes friendly, bilingual receptionists and child care staff, as well as two family advocates and four therapists highly trained in responding to a spectrum of challenges. Referrals to the Center typically originate from local schools, Department of Children and Family Services, hospitals, community-based agencies, as well as word of mouth. Services are funded by the County Department of Mental Health and local philanthropy.

Our Access & Wellness Center plays a central role in realizing the Clinic's mission to "provide quality mental health services to a community in great need by ensuring easy access" and is essential in our efforts to empower children and young adults to get on track to success - to reach goals in school, build healthy relationships, and enjoy emotional well-being.

Congratulations again to the Access & Wellness Center team on this wonderful recognition by the Disabilities Commission!


Intersections South LA: Providing Mental Health Services for South LA Families
May 16, 2011
Imagine every child in South LA succeeds in school. Now, imagine every child also learns to how to build a lifetime of healthy relationships and emotional well-being.

Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic works daily to make that vision a reality as an essential component of a healthy South LA.

"We can't build community health without incorporating easy access to mental health services for our children and families," says the Clinic's president and CEO Betsy Pfromm.

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Children's Mental Health Awareness Day in Los Angeles Today!
May 20, 2011
Councilman Bernard Parks led the City Council today in declaring May 20th "Children's Mental Health Awareness Day in the City of Los Angeles," with a focus on building resilience in children dealing with trauma.

"For too many of our city's youth, trauma leads to serious psychological problems in childhood and in adulthood," said Councilman Parks. "Left undiagnosed and untreated, trauma leaves our youth more vulnerable to substance abuse and depression. However, we know they can recover with the support of positive, caring adults who recognize early signs of trauma and seek assistance from community resources. Today we call on all Los Angeles to join the effort to build social and emotional well-being in our children and youth."

Betsy Pfromm, President and CEO of Los Angeles Child Guidance, thanked Councilman Parks for his continued leadership in raising awareness about the importance of mental health for children and youth, and also thanked local business leaders in South Los Angeles. "As part of our community effort to raise mental health awareness in May, over 60 Figueroa Corridor Partnership businesses have posted signs at high traffic retail locations urging patrons to Praise A Child Today," said Ms. Pfromm. "The Partnership's support is a key element in building public awareness of daily ways to contribute to a child's emotional well-being." The Clinic is also making widely available free, bilingual "100 Ways to Praise A Child" refrigerator magnets HERE.

Read Ms. Pfromm's full remarks at our Facebook Page


Praise a Child Today! Clinic and Local Businesses Raise Mental Health Awareness in May

Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic is launching a brand new campaign in May to raise mental health awareness right here in our own neighborhood! The campaign partners with the Figueroa Corridor Business Improvement District, which includes over 200 local businesses. Business owners were invited to participate in the Clinic's "Praise a Child Today" campaign, which features a colorful poster encouraging adults to praise the children in their lives and offering a free "100 Ways to Praise a Child" magnet on our website. Businesses can also sign up to participate in similar campaign in December, which will focus on a toy drive for our youngest clients. To request a poster, or if you know of a business we should contact regarding this campaign, please email Carolyn Wang at cwang@lacgc.org or (323) 373-2400 x3360.

Thanks to all our participating businesses for supporting this campaign:

2 for 1 Pizza Co.
Bronz Body Tan
C & J's Beauty Supplies
Café Corsa
Cal Mart
California Tool Company
Chano's #2
Conny's Unisex Beauty Salon
Crystal Dental
Cup o Joy
Dr. Michael L. Herman, O.D.
Figueroa Philly
Freeway Insurance
Glamorous Nails
Hoover Ranch Market
Hoover Unisex
Howdy Bargain
J's 98+ Discount
La Familia Meat Market
Little Hollywood Video
Mas Cleaners
Metro PCS
Mom's Cleaners
OnGuard Insurance
Pete's Burgers
Pineras Food Market
Saladfarm Figueroa
Smart & Final
Soto Beauty Salon &Barber
Super Discount World
The Vagabond Inns
UPS Store
Vieta Coffee
Zada Kabab Mediterranean Café

How can you help?

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Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic FAMILY FUN FEST !

May 14, 2011
11am - 3pm
3787 S. Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles
13th Annual Family FunFest
Arts, crafts, food, entertainment, face painting, and pony rides!

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Festival Para La Familia (En Español)!


Clinic Names Dr. Connie Lillas To Chief Faculty Post, and Announces Adoption of the Neurorelational Framework
March 1, 2010
Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic has announced the appointment of leading early intervention specialist and nationally-recognized author Connie Lillas, PhD, MFT, RN as Chief Faculty for its highly-regarded Early Intervention and Training Institute.

Simultaneously, the Clinic announced adoption of the Neurorelational Framework – developed by Dr Lillas together with Janiece Turnbull, PhD – to inform curriculum and training development for the Institute.

“The NRF has received national acclaim as comprehensive, holistic and particularly insightful for the 0 to 5 age range,” said Elizabeth W. Pfromm, Clinic President and CEO. “We are proud and delighted to have Connie join us as Chief Faculty and to incorporate the NRF into curriculum development for our training programs.”

The NRF creates a cohesive and coherent approach to bridge often fragmented service delivery systems such as the medical, educational, child welfare, child & family mental health, and early intervention systems. It will serve as a foundation for developing curriculum within the Clinic’s Early Intervention and Training Institute, which offers training on effective interventions and practices to adults who work with or care for high-needs infants and young children. As Chief Faculty, Dr. Lillas will provide training directly via Institute workshops and will also train the Clinic’s “0-5” clinical supervisors in NRF, creating capacity to train other Clinic service providers on how to effectively incorporate the NRF into practice.

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Homelessness & Mental Health in South Los Angeles:
Clinic Leadership and Fellow Advocates Focus On Solutions
January 23, 2010
Homelessness in South Los Angeles - what solutions can we create, particularly for the mentally ill who are are already on the streets or at risk of homelessness?

Clinic senior staff joined fellow advocates from leading organizations to begin answering that question at the annual Empowerment Congress summit Saturday, Jan 23. The workshop - sponsored by the congress's mental health committee - explored current resources and potential solutions that might be soon be funded by by Prop 63 - the Mental Health Services Act.

"As funding becomes available for innovative solutions, we are excited to leverage both Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas' commitment to the issue and community expertise to create answers," said Cesar Portillo, VP for Clinic Advancment. "The committee and the workshop participants focused on effective solutions to homelessness among transition aged youth as well as adults in the South Los Angeles area - solutions that can make a huge difference in quality of life for the homeless and our community."

Together with detailed presentations on new and continuing funding and projects created by Prop 63, a highlight of the discussion was testimony from Gregory Monroe, a peer advocate and a committee member whose success in overcoming mental health barriers and homelessness illustrates the potential of effective services.

The workshop continues the Empowerment Congress Mental Health Committee efforts to create effective coordination among advocates. Committee leadership includes Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic, A Community of Friends, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, South Central Health and Rehabilitation Programs, as well as LA County DMH and the Supervisor's office.

Click here to download workshop presentations and handouts (8.6MB)


Behavioral Healthcare Magazine has named Los Angeles Child Guidance
Clinic President and CEO Betsy Pfromm a 2009 Behavioral Health Champion:
November 20, 2009
"These champions, nominated by their peers and selected by the editorial team of Behavioral Healthcare magazine, rank among the most active and accomplished executives and leaders in the fields of community mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment and recovery. (They), and the organizations they lead, continue to make remarkable contributions to those struggling to recover from brain injury, mental trauma, mental illness, and substance addiction across the United States. Each has led or fostered innovative approaches that have helped thousands, from young children and teens to adults and military veterans, to begin and follow the path of recovery." - Dennis Grantham, senior editor of Behavioral Healthcare magazine

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L.A. County Commends Betsy Pfromm For Two Decades Leading Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic
October 14, 2009
Hailing two decades of service to Los Angeles' neediest children, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors yesterday honored Elizabeth W. "Betsy" Pfromm for leading transformation of the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic into today's center of excellence for children's mental health programs.

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Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic FAMILY FUN FEST! 

May 30, 2009
We had our 11th annual Family  Funfest!
Art, Crafts & Entertainment, Face Painting, Pony Rides, Food, Drinks & Prizes! 

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"May is Mental Health Awareness Month" Event

May 8, 2009

City of Los Angeles Declares May 8 "Children's Mental Health Awareness Day"
Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic Calls for More Early Intervention

Los Angeles (May 8 2009) –Councilman Bernard Parks led the City Council in declaring today Los Angeles Children's Mental Health Awareness Day: "Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is a day to promote positive youth development, resilience, recovery, and the transformation of mental health services delivery for children and youth with serious mental health needs and their families," said Councilman Parks. His resolution notes that youth with access to the early intervention and prevention services are more likely to have positive outcomes such as better grades. In contrast, those with poor access are more likely to suffer involvement with the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

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Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic 3RD ANNUAL AWARDS LUNCHEON

May 6, 2009

Honoring Dr. Kita Curry of the Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center and Los Angeles CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates For Children - May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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