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Through a holistic approach to emotional well-being, Wellnest offers hope, healing and opportunity to the children, young adults, families, and communities we serve. Our commitment remains steadfast as we enter our second century of service.


That everyone has access to the support services needed to achieve the emotional well-being critical to reaching their full potential.

Core Values

  • Excellence and Integrity
    We uphold a well-established standard of excellence and accountability by using best practices and continuous quality improvement. Our staff acts with personal and professional integrity to ensure every child, young adult, family and community member is provided the highest level of care available.

  • Empowerment and Respect
    We respect the culture and individuality of those we serve. We encourage the expression of their preferences, goals, and aspirations, as well as meaningful contributions regarding decisions about the services and support they receive.

  • Integrated and Accessible
    We strive to offer a comprehensive and growing array of services readily accessible to children, young adults, and their families whenever and wherever they are needed. We believe that an integrated approach to care is critical to creating positive outcomes that support long-term growth.

  • Family-focused Approach
    We offer a family-centered approach to care that addresses the unique circumstances of those we serve. We provide services and support that focus on each person’s needs in the context of family, community and other key influences.

  • Life-long Wellness
    We focus on a 360-degree view of wellness, offering life-long skills for improving and maintaining emotional and physical health. We offer tools for children, young adults, and their families to help improve quality of all aspects of their lives; including social, educational, financial, intellectual, physical and spiritual.

  • Productive Partnerships
    We responsibly steward donor support and facilitate partnerships with agencies, community resources, schools and families, to deliver the highest quality services. By linking constituents with the appropriate forms of assistance, we expand and amplify our impact on those in need.

Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic has a long and storied history as one of Los Angeles’ pre-eminent providers of emotional health and wellness in underserved communities.
As Wellnest, we will continue this legacy and critical work now and into the future, as we collectively work to expand Wellnest’s impact in our communities. The rollout of the Wellnest brand is continuing in a variety of exciting ways so stay connected and follow us on social media. Thank you for your dedicated work and for significantly and positively developing our community strength’s and vitality – today and well into the future.